The choice of the window type depends on the architecture of the house, location and the requirements set by the Party ordering and the architect. Unfortunately quite many buildings renovated or built during the last decades, where the choice of windows has failed catch the eye in the city. Bland plastic windows have been for case of several dignified and stylish buildings, which ruin the environment of the entire building.

It is great to admit that today the situation is changing and the choice of window is taken increasingly more seriously, this thanks to the general growth of awareness among sellers, manufacturers as well as clients. The wrong choice of window may ruin a building of cultural and environmental value, at the same time a window used in the old town does not fit a modern funk-style house. Therefore do not hesitate to ask for advice and recommendations for you to make the best choice. As we make different window types – modern windows as well as double frame windows suitable for historic buildings, you will always get the most objective recommendations from us about which window type is the most suitable for your house.