If safety and security are important key words for you, then you should consider using specially-processed safety glass to help you create a safe and secure home. The greatest drawback of conventional glass is its marginal strength and its tendency to break into shards that can cause serious injuries.

Safety glass can be divided into two categories- tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass.

Tempered safety glass

Tempered safety glass can be up to five times stronger than conventional glass. This strength is achieved by heating the glass to its melting point and then quickly cooling it. The chemical, optical, and expanding characteristics of this glass are exactly identical to conventional glass. The only difference is its greater strength and the unique way that it breaks. Safety glass shatters into harmless little pieces which can’t hurt anyone.

If you need glass that is highly resilient and has a safe breaking structure, the tempered safety glass is the right choice.

Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass is comprised of two or more layers of glass which are joined together with a plastic film. The film is melted between the two panes at high pressure and temperature. This makes the glass difficult to break and ensures greater safety since broken glass will not fly into shards, but will stay stuck in the plastic film. Thus the possibility of cuts and life-threatening injuries is reduced. Another advantage is defence against UV radiation and better soundproofing since the film between the panes block UV rays and improves sound dampening.

If you need the glass to stay in its place after breaking and not fall out, then laminated safety glass is the right choice.

Our sales representatives can help make the right choices based on the client’s wishes or the demands of the building project.