If the summer sun heats a room up too much or if the direct sunshine is too bright, then sun-blocking glass can be used to reduce the amount of light and heat that the glass will allow through.

Sun-blocking glass comes in two different types – mass coloured sun-blocking glass (absorbent glass) and surface-treated sun-blocking glass (reflective glass).

Mass-coloured sun-blocking glass

Mass-coloured sun-blocking glass is very effective at absorbing solar energy, significantly reducing the amount that makes it into a room. This type of glass protects from heat on one hand, and from excess light on the other due to the pigments that have been added, making the glass darker than other normal glass.

The degree of absorption is determined by the glass’s tone and thickness – the thicker the glass is, the darker it will be and the more effective it is at blocking light and heat from the sun.

Mass-coloured sun-blocking glass comes in various tones, giving you the option to achieve exactly the kind of light in your room that you wish.

Surface-treated sun-blocking glass

Surface-treated sun-blocking glass allows sunlight through, but catches the majority of its energy. This is accomplished thanks to a special metal oxide surface layer that reflects most of the heat from the sunlight that falls on the glass.

If it’s important to you that there be plenty of natural light in a room, the surface-treated sun-blocking glass is the right choice.
Sun-blocking glass is always installed as the outermost layer in order to ensure the greatest efficiency of sun-blocking. Sun-blocking can also be added to safety glass.

Our sales representatives can help make the right choices based on the client’s wishes or the demands of the building project.